The first step when arranging a funeral is to decide whether the funeral will be burial or cremation.

You may already know what your loved one’s wishes are and the following gives more guidance on available options.




Should your chosen funeral be burial, an option exists to purchase new ground in Birkhill or Pitkerro Grove cemeteries in Dundee and the Western Cemetery in St Andrews, as an alternative to ground in a cemetery that may already be owned by the family. Existing cemetery ground may be in Barnhill, Birkhill, Balgay, Western, Eastern and Pitkerro Grove in Dundee and Eastern and Western in St Andrews.

New burial lairs are also available in Cairnbrae Natural Burial Ground.


There are a number of crematoriums in the local area including Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Parkgrove and Perth.  Your Funeral Director will discuss your choice of crematorium.

Should you wish to inter your loved one’s cremated remains in a cemetery, your Funeral Director will discuss this option with you. New lairs can be purchased in Balgay, Birkhill, Pitkerro Grove and Western Cemeteries in Dundee,  Western Cemetery in St Andrews, as well as Cairnbrae Natural Burial Ground beside Kellas, just outside Dundee.

Your family may already own ground in a cemetery in Dundee, St Andrews or elsewhere. Your Funeral Director will discuss this with you and will liaise with the relevant local authority or cemetery.