Additional to our professional fees is the cost of disbursements (the costs we pay to third parties on your behalf) for example:

  • Dundee Crematorium £1250, Kirkcaldy Crematorium £924, Brewsterwells Crematorium £870, if the funeral is cremation
  • Minister, Priest, Celebrant or Humanist donation or fee ranging from £65 to £220
  • New burial ground and interment fee in Dundee £2,333 or £687.50 interment fee where ground is already owned. In St Andrews new ground is £1,789 or £878 interment fee where ground is already owned
  • Natural burial ground is available in Cairnbrae cemetery by Kellas £1,820, including interment fee of £695

Optional additional charges may include:

  • Death intimations and acknowledgements
  • Floral tributes
  • Organist and church officer fees
  • Sculptor or memorial, where required
  • Hotel costs for the reception, where required

A written estimate of all costs will be provided at the end of your initial meeting with your Funeral Director. Once your Funeral Director has finalised the funeral arrangements they will send you confirmation of the arrangements together with a detailed estimate of costs.