We at James Ashton & Son Ltd (which comprises our four branches James Ashton & Son, Edward McHugh, James Ashton & Edward McHugh and Macgregors) pride ourselves on the high standard of care and service we offer to our clients and the deceased persons in our care.

We believe in total transparency with you in relation to all aspects of the service we provide and this includes our charges and all third party disbursements. Our standard price list can be accessed via the following link – https://jamesashton.co.uk/standardised-price-list/

We strive, at all points, to achieve and provide the highest level of service to our clients. However we realise that problems can still arise and that you may wish to make a complaint about our services and we detail below our complaints procedure –

Initially, please raise any concerns you have with your appointed Funeral Director with whom you arranged the funeral. The Funeral Director will try to resolve any issues arising, before there is a need to make a complaint. You have the right at any point, to complain to the National Association of Funeral Directors as we are a member firm. They offer a free independent Dispute Resolution Service that can be accessed via the following link – https://www.nafd.org.uk/standards/nafd-resolve/

We will act in a polite and courteous manner whilst dealing with all aspects of your complaint. We realise that your complaint may be in relation to our services but also third party services that we have engaged on your behalf. We, on your behalf, will engage with any third party to try and resolve any issue where we feel this is possible to do so.

Any complaint made will be governed by Scottish Law and General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. You have a right to privacy and all complaints will be dealt with confidentially.

You can make a complaint in the following ways –

In person by visiting one of our offices, by telephone, by email to enquiries@jamesashton.co.uk  or by post to James Ashton & Son Ltd, 1a Cardean Street, Dundee, DD4 6PS.

Any complaint made will be dealt with in the following way –

Firstly, within 7 days, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing.

Secondly, we will investigate the details of your complaint. We may have to ask you for additional information, either verbally or in writing, if we feel this information is necessary to deal effectively with your complaint. Within 21 days, we will carry out and complete our investigation. Our aim is to strive to achieve a resolution which you feel content with and our response will be in writing.

Should you not feel that the proposed resolution is satisfactory, then you have the Right of Appeal, which should be communicated to us in writing within 10 days following receipt of our proposed resolution.

We will review your appeal within 14 days and communicate our response. If you are not satisfied with our response you may wish to use the National Association of Funeral Directors independent Dispute Resolution Service within 12 months of the funeral date.