A funeral prepayment plan allows you to plan the funeral that you would like, and to make financial provisions for your choices; whereby ensuring your family is not faced with decisions and financial anxiety without you.

Thinking of your own funeral can be a sobering thought. Here are the answers to a few questions that might be on your mind. If you have other questions, please get in touch as we would be happy to chat through some options:


A funeral prepayment plan allows the living to prepare for death. By paying into a plan during your life, upon your death the plan will provide peace of mind that your family will not be met with unexpected costs and financial anxiety, and will ensure that your funeral is conducted as you wish.

Our funeral director will meet with you to discuss the type of funeral you would like.  When you have decided on the details of your chosen funeral, we will then calculate the cost at today’s price which will then be the price you pay for the plan.

Yes, your arrangements can be changed at any time.  Should extra items be added, the flexibility of the plan allows these items to be costed at the time of the additions.

Whilst our own charges are guaranteed, third-party costs such as cremation fee, interment fee or fee to clergy are not.

These third-party fees are beyond our control. These costs are indexed and therefore the costs that a family pays is the cost at the time of the funeral, less the original amounts in the plan that have been indexed.   Any costs that might be subject to change will be clearly identified during your meeting with our funeral directors.

If you wish to spread the cost of paying for a plan, a period of one year is allowed with no interest charge payable, provided the plan is paid in full within the year. If payment is over more than one year, then the total amount payable will be subject to interest charges.

Should a client’s death occur before the plan is paid in full, the funeral will take place exactly as planned, and any outstanding amount would be payable by the next of kin or from the plan holder’s estate.