The Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 requires funeral directors to display specific information about their business, to allow customers to choose a funeral director based on criteria which may influence their choice.

To comply with the terms of the Order we display ‘Disclosure of Interests’ on our website and in our premises.

  • Business name: James Ashton & Son Ltd
  • Business address: 1a Cardean Street Ltd, Dundee, DD4 6PS
  • Name(s) of ultimate owner(s): James Ashton & Son Ltd – Private Limited Company SC027285

We do not have any business or material interest in a price comparison website which compares funeral director/crematoria services and their respective prices.

We have not made any material charitable donation, gratuity or payment to a third party within the last 12 months which totals £250 or more and which does not relate to a cost incurred or a service provided.


Dated:              1st January 2024                        

Signed:             Grant Speedie