A sad and undeniable fact of life is that we will all know someone who has passed away, and one day, you may find yourself in a position where you have to arrange a funeral. At James Ashton & Son Funeral Directors in Dundee, we’ve cared for families since 1910 and operate a 24/7 service at our Dundee and St Andrews locations to help you through these difficult times.


Registering A Death In Scotland

When someone passes away in Scotland, their death must be registered within 8 calendar days except in special circumstances, e.g. should the Procurator Fiscal’s involvement prevent this deadline from being met. When you first contact us, we understand you may still be processing what has happened so, for your comfort, we can offer a consultation at your home or at one of our premises – whichever you feel would be the most suitable. Understandably, legal paperwork is likely the last thing on your mind during this time, which is why your dedicated Funeral Director will complete all necessary regulatory paperwork on your behalf within the designated time period. 


Discussing Funeral Service Options 

During your initial consultation with us, your Funeral Director will enquire about the type of service you may be looking to have, as well as try to find out more about your connection with the person who has passed, their interests and personality, and whether they had expressed any wishes for the type of service they would prefer. This will help us put together a tailored plan for the day and discuss the range of options available to you. As our team use local suppliers and in-house specialists, we’ll be able to coordinate the day to your exact requirements including newspaper intimation, flower arrangements, and refreshments to deliver a truly personal service.


Religious & Humanist Funerals

Our team at James Ashton & Son are able to cater to all religious or secular requirements for both burial and cremation ceremonies (we can also make the arrangements with your chosen crematorium or cemetery on your behalf). 


Order Of Service, Music & Readings

Our team would be happy to design and produce your order of service booklet as well as service music or readings. These small touches can help create a truly personal and memorable service for you and attendees and help celebrate the life of your loved one after their passing. 

Music can also be played at your chosen service rooms, the crematorium or cemetery, and at the wake. Please speak with your dedicated Funeral Director for more information and to discuss the full set of options depending on the type of funeral we will be hosting for you.


Floral Tributes & Memorial Flowers

“Funeral arrangements reflect the varied nature of life. A tribute can be made with a sea of flowers, or a single rose, both as poignant and each unique to the individual.” – Grant Speedie, Director, James Ashton & Son Ltd


At James Ashton & Son, we work with local florists to ensure we can provide you with the best possible seasonal flowers on the day of the service. Different types of flowers can hold a lot of meaning and significance to different cultures, religions, and to individuals: whether it’s a preferred arrangement of flowers or a tribute is part of a community tradition, we’ll do our best to source your specific requirements.

You may also wish, perhaps in lieu of flowers, to have donations for a charity of your choice on behalf of your loved one. Please speak with your Funeral Director for more details about this option.


Selecting Burial Coffins, Cremation Coffins, Urns & Memorials

We offer a wide selection of burial coffins, cremation coffins, and urns. As each is hand furnished by our team, we can add customised finishing touches to your selection to make it more personal.

See our full selection here: https://jamesashton.co.uk/coffin-selection. To discuss the differences between options or find out about additional choices, please enquire with our team.


Memorials & Monuments

We work with our esteemed local partners, Mossman Memorials, to provide high-quality memorials including gravestones, vases, plaques, and statues in a range of modern designs and materials including granite, sandstone, and marble. 

For more information including a brochure and free no-obligation estimate, please contact our team


Choosing A Route For The Procession 

When planning a funeral, it’s important to consider the route for the procession. A common route may include some of your loved one’s favourite places or perhaps locations with significant meaning to the family.

On the day, a hearse will usually take the coffin to the service location – we offer a range of options including our fleet of Mercedes hearses, or alternatives such as horse-drawn hearses or motorcycle hearses – all driven by our experienced, uniformed chauffeurs. 

Accompanying the hearse, a limousine will sometimes transport close friends and family. Each of our limousines can carry a maximum of seven passengers (including 1 sitting at the front next to the driver). 


To find out more about your service options or to set up a consultation, please contact our team